CINO is a leading provider of electronic repair solutions and was founded in 2011 in Shenzhen. We are committed to providing one-stop service, including procurement solutions, technical support solutions, as well as recycle &resale solutions for customers around the world, ranging from repair shops, regional distributors, refurbishment facilities to recycling. The data-based quality control system is our core competitiveness, we are committed to providing standardized &consistent and stable high quality products to customers. 



To stabilize the quality of LCD industry and meet different requirements of customers, CINO has established a unique data-based quality control system and technical team to provide customers with high quality screens and spare parts. We are committed to high-end LCD demand customers, providing customers with products close to original quality. We also have an independent professional recycling team to purchase broken screens from our customers, two-way cooperation, mutual benefit to establish more stronger partnership. We not only offer high-quality products to our customers, but also buy broken screens from customers to expand the interests of both.



The fast-growing electronics industry brings us a more convenient lifestyle, however, it also brings headaches with e-waste. As a pioneer in the recycling market, CINO has the more professional technical team to test quality and help our customers to widen recycling business. Nowadays, profits are becoming thinner. We should help our customers expand their business and save costs. Committed to a win-win cooperation is the goal of CINO.