Why Are You Buying Fake Tianma?

Why Are You Buying Fake Tianma?

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Why are you buying fake Tianma?

As we all know, the quality of Tianma LCD is great ,it is the technical structure of LTPS-TFT. It`s a new generation technical product derived from TFT LCD.

The LTPS screen is manufactured by adding a laser processing to the conventional amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT-LCD panel. The number of components decrease by 40%, and connection part decrease by 95%, which greatly reduce product failure .

This screen has greatly improved in terms of energy consumption and durability, with horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 170 degrees, 12ms for display response time, 500 nits of brightness, and contrast ratio by 500:1.

Therefore, many trade companies claim that they sell tianma LCD ,new tianma or old tianma ,no matter what low quality LCD it is . While in fact , there is only one TIANMA. Longteng LCD is also LTPS-TFT structure, display effects is weaker than Tianma, but better among all low -cost screens

As shown above , we can distinguish the LCD brand when we take apart the backlight and check the circuit diagram on the top of the LCD,the line of Longteng LCD is circular structure, while the Tianma is grid. It`s easy to distinguish these two LCDs in this way , so you will not being cheated

Summary: As a company , honesty and integrity are the core , also the principle of cooperation. Later, we will let you know how to distinguish Sharp, BOE, AUO and other LCDs, please pay attention to our CINO homepage.