How To Use Multi-meter and How To Find Faulty in Schematics – Logic Board Repair Foundation Course

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How To Use Multimeter and How To Find Faulty in Schematics – Logic Board Repair Foundation Course. 

Fans on CINO Technology Youtube channel have left numerous valuable comments, such as: how to use a multimeter to find out the faulty? how to use circuit diagrams? two most typical and pragmatic ones. We will give a tutorial on the two valuable questions on this video. 

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Xiaomi 9 motherboard

How to Distinguish Original iPhone Battery

How to Distinguish Original iPhone Battery

Battery Tech

How to Distinguish Original iPhone Battery

Original iPhone batteries in China market are divided into 3 kinds: New and original, Recycled cell with original flex cable, Recycled cell with copy flex cable, they are all classified as original battery  as it’s with original cells. We had make a specific comparison of this 3 kinds battery in last article, here we would like to share you more how to distinguish the original battery.

Distinguish from battery IC flex cable

As show on picture, the left one is original flex cable, the right one is copy. The one in red circle is the battery IC of Ti, but this way need to disassemble the battery for verify.

Distinguish from the connector of battery flex cable

Picture 1 is original flex cable, and picture 2 is copy one.
For original cables, there is a certain bending on the parts of connector which Apple molded by hot bending process. While the copy cables just a simple curve by man-made due to consider of saving cost and reducing efficiency.

Verify battery from a battery-tester? Original or Fake?

Most clients are testing battery by a battery-tester to verify whether is it original, while this is in vain. The battery-tester show a battery condition by reading its IC data, while factory will crack Apple’s battery IC data and modifying the manufacturer’s  information to make it show as original when they do refurbished battery.

Picture 1 is recycle battery with original cell and IC, but welding with copy flex cable.
Picture 2 is copy battery with all copy cell, IC and flex cable.
As show obviously from above pictures, both of this 2 types are read as original when by a battery-tester. This is because factory can falsify  IC info to make it show as original no matter original cell battery with copy flex or all copy parts battery. Therefore, it’s unreliable to verify a battery whether is it original by a simple battery-tester.


In conclusion, Cino is sharing a detailed introduction in last article which show different quality of battery in China’s market, we are committed to show more qualities and information of this industry to our customers. We would like to promote a much transparent market, thus the outstanding supplier will stand out.

The Invisible Battery Industry is Deeper Than Your Imagination

The Invisible Battery Industry is Deeper Than Your Imagination

Battery Tech

The Invisible Battery Industry is Deeper than your Imagination

Do you think the original battery you bought is a genuine original ? Maybe not . As one of important parts for smart phones , battery is always in great demand with chaotic quality and variable price. CINO will inform customers about the internal situation of battery industry

Unlike the screens, it’s difficult to identify the battery quality from the appearance or testing. Therefore, it’s hard for customers to distinguish the quality directly. When suppliers sell low-cost battery cell as original ,customer will be attracted only by cheap price and ignore the quality, in fact,what they bought is always low-quality

Batteries are roughly classified into several categories according to the quality

1>New and original 2>Original disassembled 3>Recycled cell with original flex   4>Recycled cell with copy flex 5>China-made standard- capacity 6>China-made hyper-capacity

The details are as follows:

New and original :

Most Apple’s batteries are produced by two factories named Sunwoda and Desay They signed contract agreement with Apple company that the battery can be only supplied to Apple and cannot be sold to other companies, once sold privately ,they will be confronted with high fines and sanctions .The management of these two factories is very strict, so , there is no chance that real original and new apple battery is available in the market

Original disassembled :

It’s the original battery disassembled from recycled iPhone,which was used within 1 year ,the use efficiency is above 80%. These batteries are original, but the actual capacity and efficiency are inconsistent due to the different usage time and cycles. Some batteries are able to standby for 10 hours, while others may only 8 hours. This battery is the most expensive with pretty good quality , but the actual capacity and use efficiency are not up to standard of new and original one

Recycled Cell with Original Flex Cable:

Apple qualified battery standards to DESAY and SUNWODA is must meet the requirements of design capacity and efficiency, otherwise, it will classified as defective. For example, the design capacity of 6S battery is 1715mah, if the finish product is 1710mah which is a defective. Since Apple and factories signed an agreement, such defectives can be only handed over to a third-party energy recycling company which they must dispose it, while can not sell it. Usually, those recycling company will process it into original cells then sell to HK recycling companies after the battery cable, IC protection board and Apple logo skin are removed. These original cells finally will be sold to Shenzhen factory and made into original battery after installing the IC and flex. This kind of quality will be sold to customers as new original batteries by most companies. The disadvantage is that the cable quality may unstable and cause quality problem.

Recycled Cell with Copy Flex Cable:

This kind of quality is with recycled battery cell, the efficiency and actual capacity all are different due to the usage and cycle times in great difference. However, the battery IC date is designed according to discharge procedure of original IC. For example, the designed capacity of 6S battery is 1715mah, but recycled battery is less than that. Generally factory will falsify the IC date, it will show 1715mah capacity and over 98% efficiency when tested, while actual capacity may only 1600mah. So when the battery is discharged 1600mah, the phone still show remaining 7% of electricity, in fact actual capacity is already 0mah, this will lead to shutdown. Although this battery is with original cell, but lifelong time and quality are super poor. Many companies sell this battery as original with cheap price.

CINO YCL battery:

Apple’s original batteries are designed according to materials 2-5 years ago,after years of development, battery cell quality has improved a lot. China-made battery cell are with good quality. HUAWEI, OPPO, XIAOMI and other mobile phones are made of China-made batteries, which has been satisfied by consumers. Our YCL battery is made by VICO’s battery cell and TI`s IC, VICO supply the battery cell to HUAWEI and VIVO, TI is the original IC supplier of Apple. Our customized battery is produced by foundries, then import original IC data , it exceeds the original battery in terms of usage time and stability.

Why Are You Buying Fake Tianma?

Why Are You Buying Fake Tianma?

iPhone Screen Tech, Quality Control

Why are you buying fake Tianma?

As we all know, the quality of Tianma LCD is great ,it is the technical structure of LTPS-TFT. It`s a new generation technical product derived from TFT LCD.

The LTPS screen is manufactured by adding a laser processing to the conventional amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT-LCD panel. The number of components decrease by 40%, and connection part decrease by 95%, which greatly reduce product failure .

This screen has greatly improved in terms of energy consumption and durability, with horizontal and vertical viewing angles up to 170 degrees, 12ms for display response time, 500 nits of brightness, and contrast ratio by 500:1.

Therefore, many trade companies claim that they sell tianma LCD ,new tianma or old tianma ,no matter what low quality LCD it is . While in fact , there is only one TIANMA. Longteng LCD is also LTPS-TFT structure, display effects is weaker than Tianma, but better among all low -cost screens

As shown above , we can distinguish the LCD brand when we take apart the backlight and check the circuit diagram on the top of the LCD,the line of Longteng LCD is circular structure, while the Tianma is grid. It`s easy to distinguish these two LCDs in this way , so you will not being cheated

Summary: As a company , honesty and integrity are the core , also the principle of cooperation. Later, we will let you know how to distinguish Sharp, BOE, AUO and other LCDs, please pay attention to our CINO homepage.

Why Your Screen Looks Bluish

Why Your Screen Looks Bluish

iPhone Screen Tech

Why your screen looks bluish

Smartphone displays now are tested in RGB color mode. R is RED, G is GREEN, and B is BLUE. In the RGB model image , each RGB pixel component is assigned an intensity value which is in the range of 0-255.

By using only three colors , RGB imagemakes them composedin different proportions, showing 16777216 colors on the screen.

Different LCD determines the mixing ratio of display color .Many LCDs on the market are either blue or red, or white , this is determined by the combination of backlight , LCD and polarizer . Same materials produced in different batches may also have inconsistent hue issues  

Different LCD determines the mixing ratio of display color .Many LCDs on the market are either blue or red, or white , this is determined by the combination of backlight , LCD and polarizer . Same materials produced in different batches may also have inconsistent hue issues

1. K Numerical Value Standard

The display shows differently when K value varies :  

1. Absolutely white at 6500 2. Cool color > 6500 3. Warm color <6500

As shown in the graph below, When K value is between 6500-7000,the displayshowscool white, and the color is evenly distributed. If the backlight brightness is sufficient, the LCD color will be very close to the originalLG one

If between 6000-6500,it shows warm white , color is evenly distributed. If the backlight brightness is sufficient, the LCD color will be very close to the originalSharpone

The LCD color looks nice when K value is between 6000-8000 , it will be starting to get blue when higher than 8000 , it will get extremely blue , even glaring when higher than 9300

Therefore,the perfect range is 6000- 8000.

2. K Numerical ValueComparison

At present, many suppliers and factories just use the naked eyes to detect the quality of color&brightness. Cino testseach screen based onthe Kvalue &CD value . We regard it as qualified when it is within the range specified by our company , otherwise ,it belongs toinferior-quality product

3.K Numerical Value Form

Our screenis divided into Class S and Class A .
Class S is Tianma LCD, ESR highlight backlight,original polarizer, A++ level .
Class A is Longteng LCD, ordinary backlight, supercopy polarizer, A++ level .

Summary:The reason why your suppliers are unstable on quality is that because their test standard is not digitized, but visually observed. The standard of each tester is different, which will result in different color& brightness . CINO uses data-based standard to detect products to guarantee the quality of your orders