iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working -Jump Wire Solution

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iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working -Jump Wire Solution
Why jump the wire Explained.
Previously, we fixed the ear speaker flex by transplanting the flood illuminator and replace the ear speaker flex. An ear speaker flex is not expensive, however, the transplanting process is risky for the main parts. In contrast, the jumper-wire solution is easier and safer.

In this video, we share the jumper-wire solution to the damaged ear speaker flex.

Data Recovery On Samsung S7 Active

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Data Recovery On Samsung S7 Active.
The story of this Samsung S7 Active not turning on owning to water damage. The owner mail it  from the US, and he had replaced the small parts and power ICs with the help of a local phone repairer, but problem unsolved.

Still the data is really important, lets fix it and save the data.

Aftermarket X Series Touch Issue After Screen Replacement Explained

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Aftermarket X Series Touch Issue After Screen Replacement Explained.
This is the exclusive video you will find on YouTube, explaining what happened to Aftermarket screen touch issues.

00:34 Ghost touch and other issues in aftermarket iPhone screens
00:46 All other common touch issues there
01:02 Explaining total no touch
01:18 Explaining partially no touch
01:26 Explaining ghost touch (detailed)
05:14 Introduce QD Pro 2.0 Upgrades

Broken iPhone 8 Plus Data Recovery, Logic Board Parts Cannibalization Demonstration Part 2

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Tools And Materials In This Video:

Anti-static wrist strap: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/anti-static-wrist-strap
Screwdriver set: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/scredriver-set-6pcs
Hot air gun desoldering station: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/atten-ms-300-3-in-1-combination-hot-air-gun-desoldering-station-dc-power-supply-maintenance-system
Anti-static rubber mat:   https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/silicone-repair-mat
Tweezers: https://www.cinomall.com/products/anti-static-tweezers-esd-12
Solder flux: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/soldering-flux
Soft brush: https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/soft-brush
Pry bar: https://www.cinomall.com/products/plastic-pry-bar

BGA stencils:https://www.cinomall.com/collections/tools/products/iphone-bga-stencils-for-iphone-8-8-plus-x

Crushed iPhone 11 Pro Not Turning On Fix, Logic Board Large Current Repair Ideas And Methods

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Crushed iPhone 11 Pro Not Turning On Fix, Logic Board Large Current Repair Ideas And Methods.
iPhone 11 Pro crushed By Car.
The owner went to an Apple Repair Center and was told that the logic board had been large-current. To fix it, we can do a burn test to find out the abnormal parts, then measure and analyze the parts to find out what causes the faulty, thereby fix the faulty.
In this video, we share the whole fix process, including burn test, measurement, analysis, and repair.

How To Fix CPU, DDR, UFS – Android Phone Not Turning On Repair Case

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Recently, some fans asked us to make a repair video for UFS and CPU. In fact, there have been several related videos in our past works. Here we received a Xiaomi 8 motherboard from a phone repair and he failed to fix the not turning on faulty. Very important data on the phone, so we must fix it well.
In this video, we explain the fix methods and precautions of CPU, DDR, UFS for CINO fans who have called many times. Please review our previous videos, it will help you learn better.

How To Fix iPhone Compass App Or Gyroscope Not Working?

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When Jobs released the world’s first mobile phone with a gyroscope sensor, it made it possible to play Need for Speed. Gyroscopes are often overlooked. In fact, gyroscopes are also an important sensor of phones. For example, it plays an important role in the most popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), such as turning on the gyroscope to play without touching the screen to shoot each other to enhance the game experience. 

In this video, we fix a phone with a broken gyroscope. Check it out.